Awesome podcast and amazing people

Brian invited my brother and I out for our fist duck hunt ever at the youth opener and we harvested ducks and had a blast doing it. There is no other experience watching the birds work the decoys and come in to range with an over-under 12 gauge. Keep up the great work guys this is a very informative podcast!

Awesome podcast!!!

Brian invited my brother and I out to the youth opener last October and it was a extremely fun and fascinating to learn how to get the ducks to work and harvest our first birds. By far this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, keep up the great work guys!!!!! — Gus

Amazing podcast and great guys

Brian brought me and my brother our for our first duck hunt and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Him and Ron are very knowledgeable duck hunters and are great guys to hunt with. Keep up the great work guys! -Garrette

Role Models For Sportsman

Both Ron and Brian are knowledgeable about duck hunting plus the show is very entertaining. They share their passion for wildlife and conservation every episode, which makes me want to do more! Great job guys, keep it up.

I don’t even hunt ducks

Always entertaining and you usually learn something. They have great guests on and I enjoy that. -Dusty


Man these guys are great. Knowledgeable and they love to help and teach people.