July 11, 2021

Field 2 Grill Strikes Back

Field 2 Grill Strikes Back

In the world of the sportsmen there are few things that are a given. One is the fact that we love the outdoors and the other is we love to eat. So we brought our good friend Rydell from Field 2 Grill AKA F2G back on the show. This time he brought Veronica along for the ride. Any time we get to hang with the Field 2 Grill crew it is a great time. Rydell  opens the show in perfect fashion and we never look back.  So Join us as we sit down and have a Battle Born Beer and have a great discussion. 

BEX Sunglasses
Established in 2009, BEX is one of the leading product design and eye-wear brands in the world.

Battle Born Beer
Battle Born Beer is an easy-drinking golden lager brewed with the pioneering spirit of Nevada.

Field 2 Grill
Bringing you healthy recipes from the field. A show where the Wilderness is your Grocery store.