April 22, 2021

BEX Sunglasses behind the shades

BEX Sunglasses behind the shades
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What makes a pair of BEX sunglasses so great. Well the simple answer is an unbridled passion for excellence.  Jason Adams the CEO/ Founder and owner of BEX Sunglasses took a few hours away from his busy schedule to join us. After listening to this podcast you will have no doubt in your mind about Jason's passion for quality and his willingness to put in the hard work to get there. Then on top of it all Jason is the first one to give back and serve others. We talked about business, his passions and the world's greatest sunglasses. BEX is not an eyewear brand it is a lifestyle. 

BEX Sunglasses
Established in 2009, BEX is one of the leading product design and eye-wear brands in the world.

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